i bought a new graphite ben

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just a poster, because i felt like doing a poster

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The glass blower

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Album art we created for Ice Eater’s debut record, Don’t Care.

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An Illustration we did for AMD’s Eclectic Tech Exhibit in San Francisco

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Pendleton Ward and David O’Reilly are Keynote Speakers at IndieCade 2014!

We’re pleased to announce the first set of details for this year’s Conference at the IndieCade Festival. Mountain creator, David O’Reilly— who is also responsible for the video game sequences in Spike Jonez’s Her—and Pendleton Ward, creator of Adventure Time, are both Keynote Speakers this year.

And here are some more talks to get excited about, intrigued by or interested in:

  • Jon Peterson, author of Playing at the World, and Sam Roberts, IndieCade Festival Director, discuss the 40th anniversary of Dungeons & Dragons and its impact on indie games.
  • A panel conversation on sustainable business models for indie developers featuring Kellee Santiago (Ouya, Indie Fund), Greg Rice (Double Fine), and Robin Hunicke (Funomena).
  • An exploration of emerging narrative strategies in games including Tracy Fullerton (Walden), and Peter Brinson and Kurosh ValaNejad (The Cat and the Coup).
  • A panel about race and racism in games moderated by Shawn Allen (Treachery in Beatdown City).
  • A talk on the fifth anniversary of Toronto’s Hand Eye Society.
  • A session full of short talks on the secret history of indie games.
  • "Why __ Matters”, a series of short talks by developers and critics on important topics indie games are missing out on. Speakers include Ian Bogost, Beth LaPensee and Diana Santiago.
  • A community conversation moderated by Raph Koster and Greg Costikyan on the economic structures of the game industry.

You can get your tickets for this year’s festival by clicking here!

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typeverything.com, B-Bird by Yoga Perdana

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Tune-Yards poster artwork by Erik Marinovich.

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Typeverything.com - 21 by Ed Benguiat.

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